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Industrial Water Heaters

Industrial water heaters keep your business moving. This is true for so many different industries, from concrete production to food and beverage processing to industrial laundries. 

Without hot water at the ready, everything comes to a standstill. That means lower productivity, a longer timetable, and lost revenue. 

To ensure that your business has the hot water it needs, R.W. Martin Process Water has partnered with Sioux Corporation, industry leaders in water heating technology for more than 80 years. 

No matter your business or application, we can provide the industrial water heater to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. 

You'll never get stuck waiting for hot water ever again! 

Sioux WH Series Water Heater 1.0 Million BTU/Hr heat output

Sioux WH1.0 Water Heater

Hot Water is Vital for

• Concrete Production
• Commercial Laundries
• Food & Beverage Processing
• Agriculture
• Parts & Equipment Manufacturing
• Equipment & Vehicle Wash Stations
• A Range of Other Industrial Applications

Solutions Available from R.W. Martin Process Water

Sioux Industrial Water Heaters

Sioux WH Series Water Heater


  • Horizontal, skid-mounted heat exchanger
  • Provide a continuous supply of hot water within three minutes of startup
  • Units come in four sizes with 1.0, 1.7, 3.0, or 5.0 million BTU/Hr heat output
  • Pair a WH Series water heater with a 1,000- or 2,500-gallon tank skid package for a complete water heating system
    Tank Skid_Insulated

    Sioux Insulated Tank Skid


  • Reach 170°F tank temperature without burner cycling
  • Burner is easy to access thanks to horizontal design
  • PLC with HMI touchscreen
  • Modulating burner option reaches the highest temperatures faster (standard on WH3.0 & WH5.0 models)
  • VFD for precise outlet water temperature control (standard on WH1.7, WH3.0, & WH5.0 models) 
  • Monitor and operate the water heater from a remote location (requires an IP address and connection to the local network)
  • Circulation pump and motor to circulate water between the heater and a tank
  • Set the operation schedule for the water heater to automatically start up and shut down to achieve desired tank temperature
  • Operate a connected Sioux water tank package from the same control system as the water heater
  • Maintenance alerts and diagnostic tools such as descaling alerts and alarm indicators
  • Emergency stop switch and machine disconnect switch for added safety
  • Safety controls include inner and outer exchanger flow switches and high-temperature limits, exhaust temperature limit, ASME-rated pressure relief valve, inlet water y-strainer with pressure gauges, and adjustable tank temperature control


Sioux WH Series Water Heater 1.7 Million BTU/Hr heat output

Sioux WH1.7 Water Heater

Sioux WH Series Water Heater 3.0 Million BTU/Hr heat output

Sioux WH3.0 Water Heater

Sioux WH Series Water Heater 5.0 Million BTU/Hr heat output

Sioux WH5.0 Water Heater

Sioux WH-T Series Water Heater


  • Combines a WH-Series Sioux Water Heater with an atmospherically-vented carbon steel water tank
  • Unit has multiple centrifugal pumps
    • One pump circulates water through the industrial hot water heater
    • One pump discharges water
  • The unique stacked design of the WH-T allows operators to have a complete pre-plumbed, easily-installed system without the need for a larger storage tank


  • 1.0 or 1.7 Million BTU/Hr
  • Available with a diesel, natural gas, propane, or combination burner 
  • Includes a circulation pump and a discharge pump
  • Atmospherically-vented tank available in a stainless steel option
  • Alternate electricals available

Tank Includes

  • Thermometer
  • Liquid level sensors with water solenoid valve
  • Liquid level sight gauge
  • 360-gallon capacity for the 1.0 Million BTU model
  • 365-gallon capacity for the 1.7 Million BTU model
Sioux WH-T Series Water Heater

Sioux WH-T Water Heater

Sioux HWP Series Water Heater


The HWP Series is a self contained circulating water heater that is ideal for remote locations or construction sites. The Sioux HWP water heater combines the rugged Sioux Water Heater/Pumping System combination of the M Series with a 1,000 gallon (3,784.3 liter) atmospherically-vented water tank. The unit has multiple pumps: one for each million BTU section to circulate water through the industrial hot water system, and one to discharge water.

NM-Demo-Sioux HWP Series Water Heater_W_(11)


• 1-3 Million BTU/hr. (293-879 KW).
• Available in Oil, LP, Natural Gas, or combination burner.
• Standard with seven-stage circulation pump(s) and one single-stage discharge pump.
• Stainless steel tank option available.
• Alternate electricals available.
• Third party approved to UL508A and CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 14-10, ensuring that the entire control panel assembly meets the UL and CSA standards. Canadian Registration Number (CRN).

NM-Demo-Sioux HWP Series Water Heater_W_(12)

Tank includes:

• Liquid level sensors with water solenoid valve.
• Liquid level sight gauge.
• Adjustable tank temperature control with immersion well.
• Thermometer.
• Ladder.
• Inspection port.
• Motorized draft diverter/damper.
• Optional insulation package available.

Sioux HWP Series Water Heater

Sioux HWP Water Heater

Sioux M-1 Water Heater


The Sioux M-1 water heater is a heat exchanger whose design is superior to alternative heat transfer methods. The M-1 yields simple, long-lasting performance which reduces fuel consumption, saving you money.

Designed as a modular unit, the Sioux M-1 water heater allows you to make a minimal investment to start, with the option to expand your system as your operation grows. In addition, the heat exchanger's design gives the M-1 water heater a small footprint.

Coming pre-plumbed and pre-wired, the M-1 is simple to install. Just connect the Sioux water heater to the required utilities and you’re ready to go.



• 1 Million BTU/hr rating. 
• Standard primary electricals are  230V/1Ph/60Hz, 208V/3Ph/60Hz, 230V/3Ph/60Hz, 460V/3Ph/60Hz, and 575V/3Ph/60Hz.
• Electrical control box includes starters for each heater/pump section.
• Includes a service-rated electrical disconnect switch, eliminating the need to add a second service-rated disconnect switch as required by the National Electrical Code.
• Indicator light to alert operator that the low water flow limit switch has shut down the burner due to inadequate water flow.
• The temperature control switch and the manual reset high temperature limit switch shut off burner in case of excessive water discharge temperature.
• ASME-rated pressure relief valve opens to discharge water in case of excessive buildup.
• Pressure gauges and bi-metal thermometers on both inlet and outlet allow monitoring of differences between incoming and outgoing water temperature and pressure. Y-strainer on water inlet ensures foreign particles do not enter heater water supply.
• Available in Diesel, LP or Natural Gas.
• Numerous accessories available to assist with installation.
• Custom designs and alternate electricals available.
• Optional stainless steel wetted parts for a variety of industrial applications including heating sodium cyanide for heap leaching, etc.
• Third party approved to UL508A and CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 14-10, ensuring that the entire control panel assembly meets the UL and CSA standards. Canadian Registration Number (CRN).

NM-Demo-Sioux M Series Water Heater_W_(11)

NM-Demo-Sioux M Series Water Heater_W_(12)


Sioux M-1 Water Heater

Sioux M-1 Water Heater

Sioux M-415 Water Heater

The Sioux M-415 Water Heater is designed for used on Volumetric Mobile Mixers and can be mounted directly on a truck.

• 415,000 BTU/hr; heats 500 gallons to 100°F (37.8°C) in one hour.
• Standard 12 volt DC or optional 120 volt AC.
• Honeywell Protectorelay with flame monitoring burner control.
• Rotary gear type pump with stainless steel shaft.
• Fully enclosed TEFC 1/2 HP truck heater motor.
• Inline temperature gauge with adjustable tank temperature control and pressure gauge.
• Electrical controls with on/off switch for water circulation pump and burner.

NM-Demo-Sioux M-415 Water Heater_W_(11)


Sioux M-415 Water Heater

Sioux M-415 Water Heater

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