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Direct Contact Water Heaters

Why choose direct contact water heaters? Because they give you up to 99% efficiency!

Hot water is an essential production component for many industries. Without hot water, nothing gets done.

If you're stuck waiting for water to heat up, that's wasted time and lost revenue. Getting hot water on demand, quickly and efficiently, can make all the difference for your business.   

R.W. Martin Process Water has the solution to your hot water problem! We provide industrial direct contact water heaters (also known as direct fired water heaters) to the commercial laundry, concrete, and food & beverage industries.

With a direct contact water heater, you'll have the hot water you need, when you need it, regardless of the season or the surrounding temperature. 

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T.E.A. SuperHeater

Features and Benefits

99% efficiency

Unique “Flow Distributor” — no spray nozzles — up to 254 gallons per minute (125° ΔT)

Remote system monitoring and troubleshooting

Customized touch screen interface

Multiple stainless steel construction options based on incoming water quality

The Solution

Get Hot Water

When You Need It

Thanks to a Direct Contact Water Heater from R.W. Martin Process Water!

MaxiMizer Direct Fired Water Heater

MaxiMizer Features and Benefits

Produces Large Volumes of Hot Water Quickly, Up to 185° Fahrenheit (85°Celsius)

• Between 95% and 99.9% Efficiency

• 100% Stainless Steel Components, including Stack, Shell, Pumps, Burner Discharge Sleeve, Wetted Parts, Spray Nozzle 

• Non-Pressure Vessel

• Natural Gas & Propane Fueled

• Sized from 750,000 to 30,000,000 BTUH

• Side-Mounted Burner for Easy Access

• Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: Use 30% Less Natural Gas and Choose a Low NOx Option 

• Get a Custom Design Specially Equipped for Your Specific Application

• Includes Remote Troubleshooting & Monitoring

Applications Across Industries

Concrete Production

Concrete Plants, Construction Sites, Indoor & Outdoor, Year-Round


Meat Processing, Poultry Processing, Dairies


Commercial Laundries, Hospital Laundries, Hotel & Resort Laundries, Prison Laundries


Automotive, Glass, Pulp & Paper, Textiles

Food Processing

Facility Cleaning, Beverage Bottling, Food Canning

Other Uses

Car Washes, Tank Wash Plants

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