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Pressure Washers & Steam Cleaners

Ensuring that your equipment and your environment are clean is absolutely essential. Dirt, grease, oil, and a host of other built-up residues will negatively impact your equipment's efficiency. This build-up may even harm the health of your employees and your customers. Pressure washers and steam cleaners are a great way to eliminate unwanted substances from a range of surfaces including metal, concrete, and brick, and beyond.

R.W. Martin Process Water, in partnership with Sioux Corporation, gives you a host of pressure washer and steam cleaner options, including: 

• Stand-alone or combination pressure washer / steam cleaner units

• Fuel-fired or electrically-heated steam cleaners

• Compact, portable steam cleaners for use in tight spaces

• Pressure washers that use cold water only 

H3.5D3000-G Pressure Washer

Sioux H3.5D3000-G Engine Driven Dakota II Series Pressure Washer/Steam Cleaner

Uses for Pressure Washers & Steam Cleaners

• Remove dirt, grime, and chewing gum from brick, stone, or concrete

• Clean fats, grease, and oils from surfaces and equipment in food processing plants

• Degrease tools and equipment in manufacturing settings

• Thaw frozen pipes and culverts

• Degas fuel tanks prior to welding and clean engines and drive trains before servicing

• Heat railway tank cars to facilitate the removal of viscous liquids 

• Prepare surfaces for painting by removing oils and other residues

• Melt grease, wax, or paraffin blocking drains and traps in water treatment plants or refineries

Solutions Available from R.W. Martin Process Water

Sioux Pressure Washers & Steam Cleaners

Sioux Standard Fuel-Fired Dakota II Series



S4D250 Steam Cleaner

S4D250 Steam Cleaner

H5D3000 Pressure Washer

H5D3000 Pressure Washer

H10N3000 Pressure Washer

H10N3000 Pressure Washer

H3D750 Pressure Washer

H3D750 Pressure Washer

Sioux Engine-Driven Fuel-Fired Dakota II Series


The engine-driven, fuel-fired Dakota II pressure washer and steam cleaner units are ruggedly designed to handle the most demanding conditions. 

H5.5D3000-D Pressure Washer

H5.5D3000-D Pressure Washer/Steam Cleaner

H5.5D3000-G Pressure Washer

H5.5D3000-G Pressure Washer/Steam Cleaner

Sioux All-Electric Pressure Washers & Steam Cleaners



EN4.0P3000 Pressure Washer

EN4.0P3000 Pressure Washer

E2.4HS1200 Pressure Washer with Steam Gun

E2.4HS1200 Pressure Washer

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