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Heat Recovery Systems

You need a constant stream of hot water to keep your production line going. That means you need to keep heating the process water you're bringing into that same production line. Doing this requires a lot of energy, which in turn incurs heavy utility costs. Heat recovery systems aim to curb your utility expenses without compromising your company's throughput.  

R.W. Martin Process Water, in partnership with MaxiMizer Systems, has the heat recovery solution for you.

How do heat recovery systems work? Heat recovery systems take the heat that you've already produced out of your waste output and transfer it to the process water that you're bringing into production, cleanly and efficiently. This is heat from waste water and exhaust that would normally be lost to the sewer or the atmosphere. 

Heat recovery systems save you money and help you lessen your environmental footprint. 

Solutions Available from R.W. Martin Process Water

Heat Recovery Systems from MaxiMizer

MaxiMizer Boiler Stack Heat Recovery


MaxiMizer Boiler Stack Heat Recovery System is designed to recover heat from combustion sources with atmospheric burners from 200 to 6,400 MBH.

The system will generate process water to 140°F utilizing the existing exhaust gas heat. A heat exchanger can be integrated to provide potable water.

The system is designed to operate with low static gas pressure drop for safe, automatic operation on atmospheric, or power burners.

Combustion Sources

Steam boilers, hot water boilers, dryers and ovens


• Turn Key System best suited to maximize your performance
• PLC based monitoring provides metered energy recovery
• Free Energy for decades
• Remote system access to ensure optimal operation monitoring
• System pays for itself many times over

MaxiMizer Boiler Stack Heat Recovery

MaxiMizer Waste Water Heat Recovery System


The MaxiMizer Heat Recovery System captures waste energy from hot water normal lost to drain. The Shell & Tube system elevates incoming clean water to within 10°F of the waste water temperature providing Free Heat. The heat exchanger is 100% stainless steel construction.


• The pressure controlled back flush system for self-cleaning ensures the system operates at optimal recovery.
• PLC Control System monitors recovery rates and can be remotely accessed to monitor performance.
• Captures and reuses waste heat normally lost to drain
• Your facility will increase profits and reduce CO2 emissions
• A custom designed system ensures maximum performance

MaxiMizer Heat Recovery System

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