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Ready Mix Truck Wash

You need your ready mix trucks to look clean and professional. The problem is that, up until now, it's taken forever to wash them. Plus, it's not always safe. Drivers have to get out of the cab and climb on the truck to do an effective job. There's also the cost of all the water that just goes down the drain. 

How much would it boost your company's efficiency if there was a quick, safe, foolproof way to wash your trucks no matter the season? 

You don't have to guess anymore, thanks to the ALL NEW Sioux TW-40 Truck Wash from R.W. Martin Process Water Solutions! 

Greenhill front discharge (2)-1
Greenhill rear discharge


Keep Your Trucks Looking

Clean and Professional

Make the Sioux TW-40 from R.W. Martin Process Water Solutions part of your operation!

Features and Benefits

  • SAFER: Drivers remain in the truck's cab during the wash instead of having to climb on the hopper
  • FAST: Cleans trucks (including hopper) and has them out on the road again in 60 seconds
  • EFFICIENT: Uses the same amount of water each time, reducing waste
hopper cleaning
  • VERSATILE: Works on both front and rear discharge mixers
  • EASY TO OPERATE: Entire wash process is touchscreen-controlled 
  • READY ACCESS: Flow control valves and sensors are all at ground level
clean truck leaves Sioux Truck Wash

  • STANDARD FEATURES: high pressure pump (1,200 PSI at 40 GPM), proprietary sensors, low-water-level safety switch, and a soap/detergent system for enhanced cleaning 
  • OPTIONAL UPGRADES: wash gun and high-pressure hose for manual cleaning 
side view of truck in Truck Wash
angled view of truck in Truck Wash
Sioux Truck Wash drawing
sunrise view of Sioux Truck Wash
Low Country front discharge
Low Country truck wash (2)

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