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Mezzanine Options Give You The Most Flexibility

Posted by Martin Vertical Storage on May 24, 2022 12:36:00 PM

If you need more usable space in your warehouse, commercial laundry, parts inventory, or retail store, installing a mezzanine is a great way to get it. Mezzanines are an economical way to increase your storage or office space.

The following list of mezzanine options and benefits details all the ways you can customize your mezzanine to your full advantage. 

Staying Flexible

Martin Vertical Storage, and our partner, Cogan, are committed to making sure that you get the most out of your mezzanine. Naturally, that means we value flexibility. Consider the following benefits: 

Customized design

A mezzanine is already the more cost-effective option compared to adding a new wing to your facility. To further keep costs low, Martin Vertical Storage starts off with a standard mezzanine design which we will gladly customize to meet your specific business needs.

Just one of many mezzanine optionsEasy Relocation

The opportunity to relocate with your extra storage capacity is one of the most attractive mezzanine options.

Each Martin Vertical Storage mezzanine is modular and free-standing. This means that if you move your business from one facility to another, you can take your mezzanine with you by disassembling it and reassembling it at your new location. 

Quick Turnaround

Adding a mezzanine to your building requires far less lead time and far less installation time than you would need with new heavy construction. 

If you order your mezzanine today, the materials will arrive at your site within three months. The actual mezzanine installation process will normally take less than a week.

That means minimal disruptive downtime for your business. 

Configuration Possibilities and Other Mezzanine Options

Make sure your new workspace will work for you by employing a host of mezzanine options. Martin Vertical Storage can tailor many of the features of your mezzanine. These include its height, size, load capacity, access points, and overall aesthetic design. We offer a selection of flooring options and several stair configurations.

Size and area

Whether you just need a small storage platform or would like to add a new row of offices, we'll work with you to customize your mezzanine to make sure that it's the optimal size and shape to meet your needs.  

Mezzanine flooring material

Martin Vertical Storage will also help you determine the best flooring material for you. 

Options include: 

  • Resin board underlaid with corrugated steel decking available in several gauges
  • Concrete overlaid on corrugated steel decking
  • Diamond-grip steel panels
  • Open bar grating for heavy industrial applications

Access points

Martin Vertical Storage can provide multiple staircase configurations as well: straight, L-shaped, and U-shaped, with or without accompanying landings.

If you're installing your mezzanine in a tight space, we also have ladder options.

In addition, we can pair your mezzanine with a VRC lift or provide forklift access points for loading and unloading materials. 

Other add-ons

There are still more mezzanine options beyond those detailed above. 

Our goal is to make sure that your mezzanine serves your needs in the best way possible, both from a practical and an aesthetic standpoint. 

You can choose from a variety of safety gate options to guard your access points and even install ladder safety cages to help prevent falls and other accidents. 

And, not to be forgotten, you can make sure that all of your safety features match the visual design of the rest of your mezzanine. 

Martin Vertical Storage is Your Mezzanine Source

To learn more about the additional mezzanine options you can choose from, reach out to the knowledgeable technicians here at Martin Vertical Storage. Call us at 800.635.4363, email us at, or click here to request a quote

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