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Add Mezzanine To Boost Office Space to Your Growing Business

Posted by Martin Vertical Storage on May 24, 2022 12:31:00 PM

Mezzanines can be used for a wide range of applications. Extra warehouse storage, expanded parts inventories, and additional retail space are all welcome enhancements for companies needing more capacity. What you should definitely not overlook are the benefits that can come from adding mezzanine office space as your business expands. 

For instance, if you're going to need more office space, you could add on new rooms to your facility by building out. But that's a costly and time-consuming proposition, especially compared to the swifter and more affordable mezzanine alternative. 

With a mezzanine you can add more office space in a shorter timeframe and at a lower cost than building on to your facility.

And your mezzanine is fully customizable when it comes to fitting your physical space and meeting the specialized demands of your business. 

If you're still on the fence about mezzanine office space, consider the drawbacks that come from not having enough office space in your facility.

Mezzanine office space will increase capacity and may improve moraleRunning Out of Office Space

Growing your business is a good thing. It's a necessary thing, in fact. But with growth you get the inevitable growing pains. They're ultimately good, but they will definitely require you to embrace some strategic planning and readjustment measures.

Here are just a few of the possible bumps in the road you'll have to navigate around as you expand.

More personnel

Expanding inventory and adding new products will most likely cause you to need more space. But so will adding personnel to manage those new materials.

The question becomes: Where will you put all of those new staff members? 

A quick way to crush morale is to cram too many people into too small a space without actually giving them room to breathe, let alone do their jobs effectively. And their resentment may bleed over into the work they do, ultimately compromising productivity. 

Isn't it worth it to invest in a solution like mezzanine office space?

More stuff

The word "stuff" in this context is carrying a lot of weight and wearing many hats. But think about it. As your administration expands, so does your need for office workstations. And with that comes a need for more desks, more chairs, and more computers.

And although we live in an age in which so many of our files are digitized, our offices still need to retain and process a lot of actual paperwork. We still need to find an accessible place for all of those binders and filing cabinets. 

Is that mezzanine office space starting to sound a bit more like a wise investment? 

Privacy concerns

The issue of privacy in the workplace is one that a wise manager won't overlook. It's not just about giving staff members a private space to actually perform their job duties, though that is an important aspect to consider when planning out your office setup. 

What may be more worthy of your concern is making sure that supervisors have a designated space where they can engage in private conversations with their personnel, either for goal-setting and evaluations, or, if need be, for resolving disputes or discussing disciplinary action. 

Dedicated mezzanine office space is a much better place to handle these potentially sensitive discussions than a shared office pool or an open shop floor. 

Trust the Experts at Martin Vertical Storage

By adding office mezzanine space to your facility, you'll address administrative growth capacity issues and account for privacy needs, all while staying kind to your bottom line and your sensitive calendar. 

The dedicated experts at Martin Vertical Storage are ready to help you design the ideal mezzanine office space for your business.

Contact us by phone at 800.635.4363 or by email at to set up a site assessment or click here to get your free mezzanine quote today. 

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