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A Helpful Summary of Mezzanine Floor Advantages

Posted by Martin Vertical Storage on May 24, 2022 12:19:00 PM

If someone asked you to detail the benefits that your business would experience if you had access to additional usable space, you could probably name more than just a few. But have you spent any time thinking about the type of usable space you could get the most out of? This is where a discussion of mezzanine floor advantages will be most illuminating. 

Adding a mezzanine floor will, of course, give you the advantage of extra space, just as adding a new room or wing to your building will.

But an invasive heavy construction build-out project comes with burdens that a mezzanine installation doesn't. And, in the same vein, there are mezzanine floor advantages that you won't see if you opt to build out. 

Mezzanine Floor Advantages Compared to Building Out

Even just a short list of mezzanine floor advantages should be enough to demonstrate the value of opting to build up and not out. 


Adding a mezzanine floor to your facility will cost a fraction of the amount that you would spend on building on to your facility.

But that's just your initial savings. 

Your mezzanine floor will continue to save you money month to month compared to a new, added wing. That's because a mezzanine floor, added to your existing facility, will use the same utilities your building is already using. It won't need its own separate wiring or HVAC system. 

Project turnaround

One of the most easily measured mezzanine floor advantages compared to building out has to be lead and installation time. If you were to order your mezzanine floor materials today, they would be at your site within three months. 

And, once the materials are on-site, our skilled technicians will complete your installation work in about a week. Time is money, of course, so keeping any disruptions to a minimum will always be in your best business interests. 

Your business should get ready to enjoy mezzanine floor advantagesFlexibility, customization, relocation

Martin Vertical Storage can customize your mezzanine to meet the particular needs of your business and satisfy your exact design aesthetic.

Of course, a new room or wing added on to your facility could also be built to match your specifications and look just how you want it to look as well. 

In this respect, one of the most appealing mezzanine floor advantages has to be its ability to relocate with you. If you move from one building to another, you can actually disassemble your mezzanine and then reassemble it at your new destination. You could even take it down and put it back up in a new spot in your existing facility, if need be.

Technical expertise

Last, but certainly not least, and never to be overlooked among mezzanine floor advantages is the technical expertise, knowledge, and experience you get when your design and installation team is the professionals at Martin Vertical Storage

We're in business to build partnerships with our customers. And the partnership doesn't end when the mezzanine installation is finished. You can continue to rely on us for service and support, as your success is our success as well. 

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