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Utilize Your Vertical Space with a Mezzanine Storage Area

Posted by Martin Vertical Storage on May 24, 2022 1:34:00 PM

Mezzanines are versatile, multi-purpose intermediate floors that can be added to nearly any facility. They can be used to achieve a range of workspace goals, though no doubt one of their most common uses is a mezzanine storage area. 

With a mezzanine you get so many benefits, including customization, affordability, and minimal disruptive downtime during installation. But, simply put, the main advantage is the most obvious one: additional space. 

The Problem: Not Enough Storage Space

Not having enough storage space is a common problem for a lot of businesses. But the fact that it isn't rare doesn't make it any less of a headache for you. 

Rather than simply expounding upon the benefits you'll see after adding a mezzanine storage area, let's take a moment to focus on the drawbacks of not installing one. 

Disorganized clutter

You're running out of space, but your inventory is growing. Where are you going to put all of your new products or materials? 

You're likely going to end up putting them right on top of your existing inventory. That may allow you to simply get by...for a while.

But are you sure that you'll be able to find what you need when that big order comes in? How much extra time and digging will it take? Will your customers notice the lag time and take their business elsewhere in the future? 

Workplace hazards

If you've had to resort to placing your new inventory directly on top of your old inventory, or even in what would normally and rightfully be considered walkways, then you're setting yourself up for a potential disaster. 

Trips, falls, and other accidents caused by blocked pathways will bring harm to your employees and monetary losses due to code violations and potential lawsuits. Wouldn't you rather pay for something you can keep, like a mezzanine storage area? 

Visible eyesores

This is a problem that affects public-facing retailers and wholesalers most of all. Aesthetics are important.

A crowded, ugly layout will likely turn some of your customers off. And most of them won't want to have to sift through extra inventory just to find that one item they came for.

This is definitely a scenario in which a mezzanine storage area could help keep backroom stock in the backroom where it belongs. 

Your Customized Mezzanine Storage AreaA mezzanine storage area will enhance your business immensely

Here's where we share the good news. You can make your workplace a safer, more spacious, better organized, and more aesthetically-pleasing environment by adding a mezzanine storage area. 

When you choose Martin Vertical Storage to solve your space problem, our professionals will design a customized mezzanine to meet the demands of your unique business and workspace. 

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If you're ready for your business to enjoy the benefits that you'll get from installing a mezzanine storage area, the expert technicians at Martin Vertical Storage are eager to hear from you. 

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