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Enhance Your New Floor Level with a Mezzanine Lift

Posted by Martin Vertical Storage on May 24, 2022 12:34:00 PM

The benefits that you'll enjoy by adding a mezzanine to your existing building are numerous. They're also probably evident to anyone who has ever needed extra work or storage space. But have you thought about the advantages that you'll get with a mezzanine lift? 

A mezzanine, of course, will increase the area your facility can use for anything from office space, to storage, and beyond.

Experts like the technicians at Martin Vertical Storage can customize your mezzanine to meet your exact specifications and install it in a fraction of the time it would take to build out your facility by adding additional rooms. And all at a far lower cost, too.

You've built up, not out. What's next? 

Mezzanine bar grating galvanized flooringReach New Heights with a Mezzanine Lift

The next logical step, of course, is to find the safest and most efficient way to transport your materials vertically, to and from your new mezzanine. A mezzanine lift is the clear answer.

But not just any mezzanine lift will do. The ideal mezzanine lift is a VRC lift, also known as a vertical material lift. And just as Martin Vertical Storage can help you solve your space problem with a mezzanine, we can help you solve your vertical transport problem with a lift. 

Safer, Versatile, and More Cost-Effective

Mezzanine lifts, such as the VRC lifts Martin Vertical Storage provides, will be the safer choice compared to any stairway or ladder when it comes to moving materials up and down. They're also easier to operate than forklifts are. 

If cost is your concern, (and in business it always is), then you should know that a mezzanine lift will be kind to your bottom line. Choosing a VRC lift will save you money compared to the freight elevator option. 

Perhaps best of all, with mezzanine lifts, you get options. You won't have to worry about remodeling your building to accommodate the lift. That's because there are a range of VRC lift models available. And these models can be further customized to fit your exact space, even if it's a tight fit or you're dealing with low overhead clearance. 

Martin Vertical Storage Will Design the Best Solution for You

If you want to add a mezzanine lift to your mezzanine floor, then Martin Vertical Storage is here to help

Contact us to get a quote, set up a personalized site assessment, or just get your questions answered. 

You can reach our equipment specialists by phone at 800.635.4363 or via email at We're constantly striving to be the partner you rely on.

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