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A Warehouse Lift Will Keep You Safe and Organized

Posted by Martin Vertical Storage on Mar 5, 2021 3:01:30 PM

As your company has grown, it's likely that you have had to increase your work and storage space proportionally. Is it time to start thinking about a warehouse lift? 

When you started running out of space in your warehouse, perhaps you chose to expand it by building on. Maybe you leased or purchased an additional building or had to move your operation to a new facility entirely. You may have simply found that a mezzanine was the answer to your space issues. 

pexels-cleyder-duque-3821385The Advantages of Employing a Warehouse Lift

However you solved your storage problem, the benefits a warehouse lift will bring to any multi-level facility can be yours. 

What improvements will a lift give to your building and your company?  

Enhanced Safety

No matter what the primary focus of your business is, safety should always be one of your top priorities. Making a VRC lift your warehouse lift of choice helps accomplish that.

With a lift installed, you won't need to send burdened employees up and down stairs or (even worse) ladders carrying materials with them.

Cost Savings

With fewer back and shoulder injuries comes fewer missed work days and an overall reduction in workman's compensation claims. A warehouse lift will save you money in the long run and may more than pay for itself when it comes to improving company morale.

Opting for a VRC lift to handle your lift duties instead of a freight elevator will save you money too.

Space Optimization

Using a VRC lift as your warehouse lift won't eliminate the need for a staircase or a ladder to reach your mezzanine entirely of course. You can't transport personnel in a VRC lift, which is one of the main reasons why lifts are more affordable than elevators.

But not having to rely on stairwells to move materials may help you better utilize your available space.

Not only that, but the VRC lift options you get when you choose Martin Vertical Storage will empower you to find the model that best fits your building's unique layout. 

For instance, the C Series VRC Lift, also known as the Cantilever Lift, is the ideal lift for buildings with low overhead space. If you need to place a lift in a really tight space, then the TL-M Series will be a great fit for you. 

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